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Now located centrally in Springfield, Missouri We recently relocated from Long Island N.Y. to centrally located Springfield, Missouri. This move will not only allow us grow over the next few years, but to do so, maintaining our stable price policy. Tel: 417-869-8888
Precision Wicking Helps Set New Standards   We produce candle wick assemblies that meet the divergent demands of today's candle industry. Our assemblies are priced and sold in 1/16" increments, with lengths being held to even closer tolerances!
Do you need additional safety? Call us.
Online Quote Request Coming SOON. Simply click and choose the assembly length, wick type, wax coating, tab size, and within 24 hours we will send you a quotation for the pre-tabbed or pre-waxed candle wicks you desire.......................
Unprecedented Flexibility Our company size affords us the flexibility to handle order sizes from 1,000 pieces (pre-production test-runs) to 1 million plus. We gladly attend to custom request, for example colored wicks. How would your Tea-lights or votives stand out with a RED, GREEN or BLUE wick?  
True Customer Service Customer Service is an organization's ability to supply their customer's wants and needs. Excellent Customer Service is the ability of an organization to constantly and consistently exceed the customer's expectations.

Waxed & Tabbed

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Precision Wicking Inc. produces wick-clip assemblies to meet the captivating demands of today's candle industry.

Waxed on Reels

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Precision Wicking Inc. has pre-waxed candle wick available in bulk quantities with 3 different reels to choose from.

High Contrast Wicks

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Our High Contrast Wicks provide an easily identifiable lighting point for the safer ignition of any candle.

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High Contrast Wicks

Precision Wicking, Inc. is proud to announce our NEW line of High Contrast Wicks. As you can see from the picture at your left, aside from the aesthetic value, High Contrast Wicks provide an easily identifiably lighting point for the safer ignition of any candle. Our pre-waxed wicks are currently available in 3 colors (RED - GREEN - BLUE) and are made to meet your pre-tabbbed or pre-waxed wick needs. Originally engineered by us for devotionals, votives and Tea-lights, our High Contrast Wicks give you new options for both production and presentation of your candles.

Information NOTE: Since all orders are custom made, Precision Wicking will contact you with an order confirmation (OC) to verify that your order is correct.
Contact Information ph: 417 . 869 . 8888
Fax: 417 . 869 . 8886

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