Aroma-Lite Series Technical Data

AROMA-LITE is a cored wick constructed using cellulose based fibers. It is one of Atkins & Pearce’s newer candle wick designs and engineered to burn in candle systems with high levels of fragrance. Aroma-Lite is also designed to reduce and/or inhibit carbon heading.

Bleached Square Candle Wicks Technical Data

BLEACHED SQUARE WICK is engineered to curl while burning, minimizing carbon build-up. This wick is constructed of 100% natural fibers and is finished with chemical treatments to improve burn qualities.

Citronella Wicks Technical Data

CITRONELLA WICK is ideal for buckets or large jars. This wick is constructed using extra large, high quality cotton fibers to provide maximum rates of consumption with citronella. These wicks are engineered using 100% natural fibers and are available in 3 sizes.

Cotton Core Wicks Technical Data

COTTON CORE WICK produces a robust flame and can help reduce carbon build-up throughout the burn cycle. These wicks provide increased rigidity in the molten wax pool and are constructed of 100% natural fibers. Can be used in votives, pillars and containers.

COTTONWOOD Assemblies Technical Data

The cottonwood wick is a braided flat/wide wick constructed of 100% natural fibers. This newest generation of Atkins & Pearce wicks is engineered to bring the benefits of a wider based flame with the consistency that only a braided wick can provide. This wick is designed to get the heat of the flame closer to the edges of the container. This allows the use of a larger diameter vessel or tougher to burn formulations and still achieve a high rate of consumption. Our cottonwood wick assemblies will give a wider, shorter flame with the consistency of a conventional braided candle wick. It is ideal in very heavy fragrance applications.

HELIX Series Technical Data

HELIX (something spiral in form) is engineered with 2 Aroma-Lite wicks. The Helix Series was developed to burn in candle systems with high levels of fragrance. Helix is also designed to reduce and/or inhibit carbon heading. This is Atkins & Pearce newest line of candle wicks.

HTP Series Technical Data

Important notice: The entire HTP Series is impacted by the Input Yarn change

THE HTP SERIES is designed to provide the benefits of a self-trimming wick posture with rigidity approaching those found in cored wicks. High-performance fibers, along with other natural materials are engineered into a specially constructed braid, producing a more predictable wick posture.

Paper Core Wicks Technical Data

The PAPER CORE WICK series is similar in design to the popular Cotton Core Wicks, with an inner filament of paper, which provides increased rigidity. These wicks are constructed of 100% natural fibers. The paper core wick produces a cooler flame than the cotton core but offers more rigidity. Often used in multi-wick applications where placement and burn pool control are important.

Performa Wicks Technical Data

Performa Wick is a high-performance curling wick with an exceptional stalk height (amount of wick above wax).  These features promote a more symmetrical wax pool and a self-trimming posture.  Its re-enforced design provides increased rigidity in the wax pool.  It is also known to draw some of the harder-to-burn beeswax and viscous waxes.  Performa Wick is an excellent choice for several applications such as tapers, pillars, medium and large containers.  This wick is constructed of 100% natural based fibers.

PLY Wicks Technical Data

PLY WICKS, also referred to as flat braided, regular or classic wick provides a slight curl when burning, which helps reduce carbon build-up throughout the life of the candle system. The Classic series is 100% natural. The Ply wick is used in dipped or molded self-supporting candles, such as tapers and pillars.

Tea Light Wicks Technical Data

The majority of the A&P Tea Light Wicks are designed to curl while burning – this helps reduce carbon build-up and helps make the wick self-trimming. Tea Light Wicks are made of 100% natural fibers.

Zinc Core Wicks Technical Data

ZINC CORE WICK is a unique construction that provides maximum rigidity in a wide variety of candle systems. The Zinc Core’s jacket design is 100% all natural and maintains unmatched rigidity in the molten wax pool. Zinc core wick is known to produce the coolest flame of the cored wicks. The Consumer Product Safety Commission defines a lead cored wick to be one containing greater than .06% lead by weight in the metal. Zinc wire has a maximum level of lead impurities of .004%, more than 14 times below the standard.